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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Thousands of terrorists killed in the north-east of Damascus fierce fightingSyrian is having a field day

Syrian is having a field day north-east of Damascus, killing thousands of terrorists and mercenaries. Based on witness accounts, the news agencies report heavy fighting and rising black smoke from the suburbs Kabun Börse, and heavy artillery barrage.

The details of yesterday's battle at Allepo Power plant: a thousand strong gang of terrorists and mercenaries was annihilated. Apparently, the Syrian Army and local militia ambushed the gang while they tried to capture an important economic project, and leave local population without electricity and hot water.

In another good news, a gang of 70 fighters, including the leadership of Syrian Liberation Army was killed in suburb of Damascus.
To the north-east of Damascus fierce fighting

In total there are about 40,000 of so-called freedom fighters run around Damascus, and armed to the teeth. But at the same time, this makes them an easy target for the Syrian Army.

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