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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Media: U.S. commandos saved Emir of Qatar from military coup

According to unconfirmed reports, the army of Qatar on Monday night attempted a coup and seize the palace of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, head of state, but saved by the men of the United States Special Forces, who repulsed the attackers, convey the Arab and Iranian media.

According to media reports, near the residence of the president was heard intense gunfire and explosions.
It is also reported that on the side of the coup came Chief of Staff of the armed forces, Major General Hamad bin Ali Al-Attiyah, and army units began mutiny.
In addition, several publications reported on their websites that the Emir and his wife Mozah bint Nasser probably left the palace after the revolution, accompanied by the "commando" and were taken to an unknown destination in the U.S. helicopter. According to unconfirmed information, Sheikh Hamad and his wife is currently in Italy, reports ITAR-TASS .
It is known that the coup was among the first reported broadcasting from Dubai (UAE), Saudi TV station "Al-Arabiya." She passed into the ether, that the revolt raised top army officers, and some of them were later arrested. However, four minutes posted on its website information has been deleted, but instead came the news that Internet TV page ( was attacked by the so-called "e-Syrian army." The report stressed that the hackers, acting on behalf of the channel, faked news.
Meanwhile, official statements about the coup in Doha still has not been made. Qatari "Al Jazeera", claiming the leading role in the coverage of events in the Arab countries did not report the attempt of rebellion - the news about the political situation in the country and the Emir is private information to television.
However, some observers have interpreted the news of the coup, "the Syrian track."According to them, supporters of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in such a way trying to take revenge on the Qatar government for his country's hostile policy against Damascus.
Note that earlier press reports have appeared repeatedly attempted coups, and the Emir of Qatar. The latest news about the attempt to raise a rebellion refers to March 2011, when several officers of the personal guards of the Emir and the number of military officials of the Al Thani clan, led by all the same, Major-General Al-Attiyah had planned to overthrow the Hamad bin Khalifa. The mutiny was averted, 30 people were detained or placed under house arrest.
According to some reports, while the news was also "running" the Saudi TV station. According to the Iranian Arabic-language TV channel "Al-Alam," there is a sound recording in which Hamad bin Khalifa very impartially speaks of the royal family in a neighboring kingdom, saying that "the Saudi regime will inevitably fall by the hands of Qatar."
"In one day go down in Qatar, Al-Qatif and the Eastern Province (oil-rich region), Saudi Arabia, split, and its army can not do anything" - supposedly he said.
Furthermore, the Emir of Qatar, according to the film, claimed that the United States and Britain were asked to provide a detailed report on the situation in the Saudi kingdom, expressing the desire to "overthrow" the ruling regime there, but they were afraid of coming to power of "undesirables" Islamists.
"This is why Qatar has now enjoyed more privileges than Saudi Arabia, on its territory transferred to U.S. bases, -stressed the Emir. - We were able to gradually break the monopoly of the Saudi and impose their rule in the Arab region. We are actively working to deliver economic and political defeat of Riyadh, and the people's revolution there is close as never before. "
Emir himself running the country since 1995, when a palace coup, he overthrew his father. In past years the country has attempted coups, but they were rebuffed.
Qatar - a tiny, but one of the richest countries in the world, located in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf.In recent years, Washington supported the monarchy is actively trying to try on a regional heavyweight. Many in the region, Doha accused of undermining the established decades ago, the "status quo" in the Middle East and North Africa, through the active sponsorship of the so-called "Arab spring" and blatant interference in the internal affairs of the "Arab brothers".

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