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Friday, 16 November 2012

Two Israeli pilots captured in Gaza

Armed wing of Hamas - "Brigade Ezzeddine al-Qassam" - announced the capture of two Israeli military pilots reported Egyptian newspaper "Al-Shuruk," referring to statements by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

According to available information, captured Israeli officers - pilots shot down over Gaza a few hours before, they flew the Israeli F-16 fighter.

Apparently the "rebels" in Syria were only waiting for the moment to get their hands on modern weaponry, now they use it with success against Israel.

"Brigade Izzeddina al-Qassam," said that the militants managed to shoot down Air Force Israel. According to the rebels, the plane was shot down by a rocket class "surface-to-air."

Also Friday, the Israeli media reported that the IDF  announced the mobilization of  16 thousand reservists in preparation for a possible ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

On the same day, Prime Minister of Egypt  arrived in the Gaza Strip . At the same time, Israeli authorities said they  will suspend strikes  on the Gaza Strip to visit the Prime Minister, if Hamas stops firing Israel.

Later, a representative of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Ofir Gendalman said Hamas  does not observe a truce  during his visit to the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister of Egypt Hisham Kandil. Later, Prime Minister of Egypt  hurriedly left the  Gaza Strip.

Recall, the Israeli army announced on Wednesday the  start of a large-scale operation  to eliminate militants in the Gaza Strip. As a result of Israeli attacks killed the head of the military wing of the Palestinian movement Hamas, Ahmed al-Jabari.


  1. Palestine will be Israel's Poland and when the world finally wakes up, will share a spot in the atrocity museum.

  2. Oh so that's where 0bama's 20,000 missing manpads ended up.

  3. do you have a link to the story?

    1. The original source came from Egyptian newspaper:

  4. How would any European country react if 12,000 rockets will be launched at their cities??
    Hamas = Jihad = 9/11