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Monday, 21 January 2013

"Sharia patrols" began to operate in London

In some areas of London for a few weeks out on the streets so-called "Sharia patrols" that try to prevent violation of Islamic tradition locals Sunday Times reported citing a statement from Scotland Yard.

Wearing black sweatshirts with hoods covered their faces, the radical Islamic youth representatives go "patrol" mostly outlying areas of London at night. Acting group, they are, in his own words, "defend the Muslim territory of misconduct" of other Londoners. In the category of unacceptable actions are drinking alcohol, causing the clothes too, or just outdoor ads.

Later videos of their shares participants "patrols" spread on the Internet. In these commercials can be seen as a group of young people pulling out of the hands of a frightened British teenager beer, after which she flies on asphalt. In a similar way, "intimidating", which has already been removed from the website Youtube, those same activists literally make a man to pour the contents of its banks.

"This is a Muslim area, so alcohol is forbidden" - say the young people. "You can not dress up in an area where there is a mosque" - it sounds in relation to the girl in a mini-skirt in another movie. In addition, "patrol" as pasting stickers with symbols of their own group and black out too outspoken in their view advertising clothes.

Frequent complaints of intimidation by these activists forced the local authorities to strengthen the police presence especially in east London, where the proximity to the old port historically settled immigrants who arrived in England. According to Scotland Yard, these groups may have a close connection with the organization of "Islam for the UK» (Islam4UK), the activity of which has previously been recognized as extremist. Beginning in 2010, membership in the group, also known as "Al-Muhajiroun" is considered as a crime, and the guilty face imprisonment for up to ten years.


  1. these people in this video are vile - don't they know that they are in the UK, if they want to practice Islam, a malevolent religion that seems to bread hate and terrorism, then maybe they should leave the UK

    1. Agreed, but the roots of what happened in Algeria we have to search at home.

    2. Islam is no different then Christianity and both believe in the same God and Jesus Christ and as christian radical terrorists such as Anders Brevik or George W Bush do not paint a brush on all Christians the same counts for 1.5 billion muslims around the world and a hand full of terrorists mostly former CIA trained Afghanistan Jihadi's.

      UK media and far right supporters present an argument of religious bigotry and what seems more then often ethnic cleansing turning muslim youth hostile in a country already grappling with a youth problem of all faiths.

    3. @Soldior- Have you read the Koran? Islam is not the same as Christianity in any form and they most certainly do not believe in the same God or in Jesus as the Savior like Christians do. You should check your facts, try reading the Bible and the Koran because they both teach something completely different. Islam does teach hate it is in their book and their book calls for the destruction of God's people. I agree that there are extremists within Christianity and it is not right but before you say something where you are comparing them and Christians you need to have your information straight. Just saying!

  2. LMFAO... The people in this video who are vile are the Brits who just bend over and take it. The Muzzies are just standing up for their beliefs. Maybe you Eurofems should try it sometime.

    And Soldior, you are an idiot in your understanding of religions.

  3. Boy, you Brits are real wusses! Get a backbone and stand up to these backward people! Who in the hell do they think they are?

  4. This action is intended to incite violence. It seams like violence is at the heart of this ideology. Either do as they say or risk a direct confrontation. Debate and discussion is not even an option since they don't think for themselves.

  5. Obviously the solution is to fight fire with fire, dress up in black garb carry lead pipes and apply liberally when given the opportunity.
    Or, plan on getting your very own pray rug and a new name like Mohammed Awill Bendover