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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Germany has decided to withdraw his gold from the U.S. and UK stores

Now "тhе shit will hit the fan", and you don't want to stay next to it. Germany's central bank - the Bundesbank - has decided to return from the U.S., Britain and France another  150 tons of gold, which was delivered for storage in Germany. These countries preserved Germany's golden reserve at the height of the Cold War, said Thursday the British media.

It is assumed that the U.S. will return 50 tons of gold, which is stored in the basement of the New York Division of the Federal Reserve System.

We also learned that in the last few years the UK has been recovered nearly 1,000 tons of gold. To date, the accounts of the Bundesbank in the vaults of the Bank of England is 500 tons of the precious metal. However, by 2015 the stocks will decline significantly.
Germany today has the second largest reserve of the Golden State, the value of which is about 3.4 thousand tons, great wealth has only the U.S. - 8.1 thousand tons.

During the Cold War, Germany has sent the yellow metal is deposited in other major Western powers, fearing a possible attack from the Soviet Union. Gold was deposited in the U.S. 66% of the stock,  Germany kept in the UK - 21%, and in France - 8%.

Bundesbank now decided to return to Germany, a significant portion of the gold, as well as to conduct a "physical audit" of the store, which will remain in the accounts of foreign central banks. Repatriation of all precious metals will take three years.

The gold in US and British storage is an important showcase of their fiscal ability, it makes Britain and US currencies look value something.

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