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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hail Sarazzin, or why Putin shuns G8 meeting.

Well, actually he doesn’t. The invitation is ill fated, and the meeting will not decide anything. Except of reassurance that BRICs has to pay its part for Europe survival, and if they don’t, the money will be taken from them anyway.
Putin doesn’t flex anything, there is no reason for him to be there, and that he has anything to do with this burning Ponzi scheme. Russia is a sweet piece of property and assembly of natural resources, and more NATO envelops it with bases and weapons, then more Russia get upset. Besides EU probably will disintegrate financially by the end of the year, Putin doesn’t want to be a part of it.
The latest stupid idea is to shoot down Iranian missiles over Russian territory; these missiles would fly over British Isles as well, but Britain refused the idea of any anti-missiles bases on its territory, and for a reason. No one wants to have their land peppered with nuclear leftovers.
Obama behaved least impolitely towards Putin, he has recognized Putin as Russian leader, but hasn’t congratulated him with a victory. There is no upside for Russia in this meeting; Obama in Camp David was going to taught Putin that the systems will be installed anyway, and hand out some peanuts to make Putin feel better.
All this happens on the backdrop of increasingly larger control of US economy by Russia. If in 2008, Russian assets in US where equivalent to 0.5 trillion dollars (from words of Brzezinski), the recent stakes are much higher- the oil prices were relentless, and I am scared to say that Saudis, for example, probably control more than half of US economy by now.
After, all Obama has nothing to offer Putin, besides some patronising and threats Russian investments in US. Russians just opened their oil fields for US and France,- nothing in return, smack on a face. Russians offered their anti-missile capabilities under united command,- again just giggling in NATO headquarters. A true chance to create an all-Europe security system is passing by, Russia is willing to be part of NATO- in return just giggling.
It is all reminds so well the onset of WWII. The sleazy liberals were crying of democracy and oppression, and desperately in search whom to pin against Russia. The answer was Adolf Hitler; Britain and France applaud to him; they throw him Czechs and Poland for old pities sake. But still, the beast turned on his masters. The Hitler’s principles of racial and foreign politics continue to apply today; for the West, Russia is a big waste land, which is populated by under-humans. Who cares when few half-baked Iranian missiles would fall onto Russia?
Europe increasingly become a dumpster, with dirty streets and overwhelmed social services. The idea of populating their countries with cheap labor became increasingly unpopular. It is a matter of time when Germany will yell: Hail Sarazzin!

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