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Friday, 27 April 2012

Ukraine- next hotbed?

Explosion in Dnepropetrovsk recognized as terrorist attack.


According to the newspaper VIEW, Friday afternoon in Dnepropetrovsk  , a series of explosions . First,  a bomb exploded , which was laid down in a garbage can next to the tram stop "Opera House" in the city center. As a result of the incident injuring five people, pieces of damaged parked cars, the blast blew out windows in the streetcar, which arrived a few seconds before the explosion.

After 40 minutes of the second explosion was heard - near the railway station. There went the police and "ambulance", before arriving to the site of the first explosion. Eyewitnesses reported that the explosion occurred near an urn installed in Station Square. Later, the police confirmed these findings. As a result, the second explosion injured seven people.

Head of the Center for Public Affairs of Dnipropetrovsk regional department of MIA of Ukraine Alexei Sherbatov said the explosion occurred at the mounting college carpenter down the street.

Later, a loud bang was heard not far from the park Globa. Hit the woman was hospitalized with a wound to the hand.

A fourth explosion  occurred  in the first place - and Karl Marx Prospekt near the Opera House, also on the tram stop. As a result of the incident no one was hurt, because the police managed to cordon off dangerous area.

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