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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wrecked ship, panic over 4000 passengers 3 killed and 2 seriously injured: missing in 70

This is a translation of the article from first victims are identified, all links will lead to the text in Italian. There are speculations that the ship will continue to roll on a side, and eventually will sink on a bottom.

The victims were two French tourists and a Peruvian member of the crew. Thousands of the lifeboats. From the "Costa Concordia" inclined dozens of people in the water in search of help. Patches of at least 70 feet into the side of the ship. The cause of the accident probably the collision with a reef a few miles from the island that convinced the commander to approach the port. "That rock is not on the charts." But the crew accused him: "It 'was a serious human error"  

PORTO SANTO STEFANO - A spur of rock that rises in the night "where there should not be" and "Costa Concordia" 1 , the ship of Costa Cruises, begins to take on water when it is off the Tuscan coast, at the Island Giglio. Everything happened in a few minutes and the captain ordered an evacuation. Fear and lifeboats been lowered into the water. Passengers were ordered to wear jackets. On board, 4234 people, including travelers and crew. Shortly after midnight the "Concordia", the largest passenger ship in the world ever to have been shipwrecked, was resting on its side. The victims . The last budget of the Prefect of Grosseto speaks of three confirmed deaths: they are two French tourists and a Peruvian crew member. The bodies are found in the morgue of Orbetello and the prosecutor has ordered an autopsy. According to initial medical examinations would be drowned. Their bodies were "picked up at sea" by rescuers, confirms a source of the ASL of Grosseto, explaining that the three people arrived "already dead" on the island of Giglio. The wounded . There are 67 people in hospitals medicated Grosseto and Orbetello. For 42 of these, according to a source of Grosseto ASL, it was necessary to "shelter, even if only temporarily for observation, while others have reported, or fractures were treated for hypothermia." Only two are serious. This is a crew member, a citizen of Bangladesh Cook moved to Siena with a spinal injury and there had surgery while hospitalized in Grosseto is a young man with a facial trauma. The lost . Are about seventy people who are still missing. This figure is derived from data provided by the external relations of the General Command of the Harbour, that were surveyed 4,179 people in Porto Santo Stefano. People who are most definitely not on board the wreck. The inspection operations were completed shortly after the 12 fact that they were recovered without any other passengers in the Costa Concordia. "There's nobody from the island and all have been transferred to Porto Santo Stefano," says Lieutenant Colonel of the Italian Guardia di Finanza Spalvieri. Some of the people who are "missing" measures may not be landed in Santo Stefano. They are "all of which we are checking, is cautious, some have been transferred by helicopter," says the Head of External Relations Office of the Harbor, the Marine commander Philip. Also, remember the Prefect of Grosseto Michael Laratta, the number "is not absolutely sure as many people during the night, they had the hospitality of the inhabitants of Tuscany. We are going house to house looking for them, and surely the number decrease in the coming hours. " Earlier, six people were saved in one of the lower decks of the ship, one of them was suffering from hypothermia and had a compound fracture. Soon the checks on the suitability of aid on board. Monte Argentario, the welcome with tea and blankets 2 surveys . In Porto Santo Stefano is now Director of the Costa Crociere President Gianni Onorato, who met the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino. The evacuation was long and complicated (so much so that at 3 am at least a hundred passengers were still on board) and many people are thrown into the sea to try to save themselves. The helicopters were illuminated from above the water all night to help the recovery operations.  A Piece of 70 feet The damaged ship 4 The causes of the disaster are all to be seen.The prosecutor has opened an investigation of Grosseto assuming the crimes of shipwreck, disaster and manslaughter. At the moment there would be investigated.Regarding the causes of the impact of the ship against the rocks, the most plausible hypothesis, according to the same intelligence sources, would be a "human error" or a fault in the instrument. Tgcom24 A, the commander said Schettino 5 : "We were sailing the coast, along a tourist route allowed when the ship hit a rock on one side not marked on the chart. In theory, there had to be that rock there. " Schettino has long been questioned at the headquarters of the harbor to the island of Giglio. The commander is required to state: "The crew were the last to abandon ship, making sure first to rescue the passengers." The Costa Concordia will have an impact in the rocks The Scole, an area less than a mile from the coast. Then he continued, reaching the place where it was beached. Before tilting, the stern is rotated 180 degrees.In a note of Costa Cruises, it is stated that the ship listed to different degrees for this course and the commander had decided to get closer to the coasts of the island of Giglio. According to sources of Costa Cruises, the ship could definitely pass between the island of Giglio and Porto Santo Stefano, the usual route when you want to show passengers the coast. The commander told investigators that Schettino was the route was correct and that the Costa Concordia would have a margin of 12 miles, between east and west, which allows the shift off the island, because, as we did tonight, into. "It is incorrect to say that the ship was off course - has also confirmed the general manager of Costa Cruises -. It 'was an unforeseeable event aggravated by an unpredictable angle of the ship." The ship was traveling "from Civitavecchia to Savona, like 52 times a year," added Onorato, "he stumbled over a rock, and following this event, the commander has assessed the damage early, decided to secure the ship and gave an evacuation order. Only technical analysis will tell us what happened. " "I think it is right - continued Honored - which is the competent authority to do this type of analysis. We can only help. The ship has sophisticated systems to track routes, both to understand what happened, thanks to systems that are something more than a black box. " The director defended the Commander Honored Schettino: "It 'been with us for 11 years. At the time of the collision was on the bridge." The Director General of Costa Cruises has ensured that the ship aground is now "safely" and the evening will be arranged "to isolate breakdown" as a precaution. As for possible fuel leaks, Onorato announced that "technicians from the Netherlands" are already operating reservoirs, suck from the Costa Concordia. Nothing to complain about the rescue operations. "The safety procedures in these cases were carried out in good time," said Director Honored again. And "proper" was also "the decision of the commander to evacuate the ship Concordia when it held that there were safety conditions." The crew charges: "Human Error" . So far the company position. But the crew has raised the allegation of a serious human error: "We were too close to the coast."Tmnews interviewed by one of the residences where they are housed in Grosseto, some crew members have openly pointed the finger at the captain Schettino. "It was definitely a serious human error - an officer said the crew - the route was the same as always, but when you surf the coast is no longer used, but the autopilot to manual. It is therefore at the discretion of the commander to choose the distance navigation from the coast and has gone too far this time. At that point there was nothing left to do. " harsh words for heaviest charge, which at this time investigators are trying to clarify. "We're hearing all the crew members that can help us to understand what happened," confirmed the prosecutor of Grosseto. Sources report that the investigation mentioned anxiety impact against the rock that has ripped the keel of the Costa Concordia is the case probably a few miles before the island of Giglio. The ship, while taking on water, he continued sailing until later reversed course and headed for the harbor Giglio. In the first report made ​​to the Harbor, was, in fact, reported that the ship "take on water." The crew had probably imagined, at first, to be able to handle the emergency. When this has seemed impossible, he ordered the commander to change course and head towards the island of Giglio. Just the approach to the mainland, - according to many rescuers - has prevented the incident had even more tragic consequences and that the ship drops off. The alarm: "Perhaps other people on board" The story of a witness: "Relief inadequate" 7 arrived on site are several boats and a ferry to the rescue of Toremar who was in Porto Santo Stefano, the Argentario. Where have meanwhile completed operations starting from the center of the castaways first reception held in local schools. There were more than 4 000 people who passed through the center, where they found it was possible medical care and refreshment, as announced by the Civil Defence of the Province of Grosseto. The Deputy Mayor: "Insufficient stocks of drugs" 8 The President of Tuscany Henry Rossi started early this morning to the island of Giglio directly to realize the situation, particularly as regards the activities of aid and assistance, following the accident involving the ship Costa Concordia. Rossi explains, has already had words of thanks for Civil Protection, "for the staff of health facilities for volunteers and for law enforcement officers who have been readily activated to handle the emergency, and for the people Giglio and Porto Santo Stefano, which have been activated for the reception of cruise passengers. " The President was also assured by the Head of Civil Protection Franco Gabrielli, who specialize in 3 / 2 have already been sent to prevent any environmental risks associated with leakage of oil contained in the vessel's tanks.

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