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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Feds are the biggest hedge fund, the real estate crisis brew in China, and other

Bulwark of peace
Wealthy Europeans and Russians have found another way to protect their investments: they are buying real estate in Switzerland, already causing a boom in the market. Since 2008 property prices rose by more than 20%, writes The Wall Street Journal. Regulate demand by foreigners only legal restrictions: annual non-resident may be sold 2000 homes.
The biggest hedge fund
The Fed last year was $ 76.9 billion profit from the control package of assets to $ 3 trillion.Central bank bought U.S. assets after the 2008 crisis assistance programs to banks and businesses. The Fed was in fact a huge hedge fund, writes The New York Times. But unlike a private foundation money the Fed can issue their own, and do not borrow in the market.
Another crisis
The crisis in the real estate market in China each month, becoming stronger. In December, prices for new homes on average fell by 0.3%, slowing the flow of investment into the sector, prices in the secondary market fell even more - by 4.9% in December, while in annual terms - up to 45%. In the FT fear that the problems of the real estate sector in itself can lead to a hard landing of Chinese economy.
Less than 45 days left before the Greek default
March 20 the Greek government will have to pay € 14,4 billion - comes maturity bonds. The money the government does not. If Greece can not negotiate with investors, as well as officials from other European countries and the IMF, the default can not be avoided, writes The Wall Street Journal.

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