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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dozens of hostages died in Algeria: the body count rises to 43

There is no French Connection in Algeria, what started as an impressive ad-hoc demonstration of power and unity among NATO countries, begin to unwind as wimping and murderous rampage.

Since the people who took hostages in Algeria are very the same what set on fire Syria, we will call them rebels.

The rebels made a calculated move and took hostages in response to aerial attack by Frenches, now they have seat and wait till all hostages will be slaughtered by French special forces.

The exact amount of hostages is unknown, but to the date 180 of them escaped, and 43 were killed by French gunships. And the body count keep pilling up.

Never trust Frenches with a major military operation, there is something wrong with this nation fundamentally. Apart from their gastronomical preferences, threesomes, and wounded national pride,- they are lousy warriors, and they prove this record today.

Aljazeera reports that an air strikes that military helicopters struck a residential complex oil and gas group Sonatrach in the south-eastern Algeria, killing 15 Islamic militants and 35 held by them foreigners. The rebels claim that mined the building where foreigners hold. According to some reports, the hostages - "death zone." They threaten to kill him if the army will storm the facility. The operation led to the seizure of hostages in North Africa known 40-year-old fighter named Mokhtar Belmokhtar aka Mr Marlborough.

The slaughter continues when French helicopter attacked a lone car in a desert, and killed another 8 hostages.Reuters report that Frenches didn't get a message about using the hostages as a shield.

A lightning military operation became a slug-fest, where rebels keep parity with the West by the head counts.

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