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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Syrian Kurds were on the side for the first time Assad troops

Kurdish militia, until recently, to maintain neutrality in the Syrian conflict, clashed with opposition groups in the city of Aleppo, reports Russian newspaper "Kommersant".

If Bashar al-Assad will be able to take advantage of this trend and consolidate the balance of power in the Syrian war may change in its favor. Kurds make up more than 10% of Syria's population - if they will support the government forces not only in Aleppo, but on other fronts, it will create serious problems for the opposition.

Clashes between Kurds and the troops of the Free Syrian Army (SSA), Aleppo began after the opposition tried to establish control over the area Ashraf north of the city. He is considered strategically important, as it is situated on a hill, visible from great - and spray - the next block.

Until now populated by Kurds Ashraf remained aloof from the war - neither revolutionaries nor the government soldiers chose not to conflict in the Kurdish militias. But commanders PAS seems to have decided that the control of Ashraf important Kurdish neutrality. As a result of bloody fighting, killing at least 30 people, with about 200 (mostly Kurds) were taken hostage.

In fighting against the opposition groups involved mainly the party "Democratic Alliance", which is closely linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a leading armed struggle against the authorities of neighboring Turkey. Of all the countries in the region is Turkey the most actively supports the Syrian opposition, and recently, after a series of incidents at the border, even to the brink of armed conflict with Damascus.

One of the charges that Ankara pushes the regime of Bashar al-Assad - supporting "terrorists of the PKK" in Turkish Kurdistan. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is concerned that as a result of the civil war in Syria's Kurdish areas of the country actually will gain autonomy - for example Iraq. And the PKK will use Syrian territory as a base for anti-Ankara. The development is a major head ache for Turkey, who meddled into Syria on presumption to score some points with EU and US, but now, the things are clearly getting out of hand.

Prevent such a development could have a quick seizure of power by the Syrian opposition, oriented on Turkey. However, this scenario seems increasingly unlikely - war becomes protracted. The authorities in Damascus is not prevent the isolation of the Kurds, seeing them as potential allies.

According to experts, in exchange for loyalty on the part of the Kurds Bashar Assad would be willing to accept any degree of autonomy for them. The opposition, however, bound by the obligation to Ankara, can not afford such "generosity".

If the conflict between revolutionaries and Kurds will spread from Aleppo to other areas of the country, it will be an important strategic success of Bashar al-Assad. Opposition, faced with a new enemy, will disperse its forces. Damascus also get one more reason to say that the units SSA, almost totally composed of Sunni Arabs, are a threat to all inhabiting Syria, ethnic and religious minorities. And that only the current government is able to protect their interests , writes "Kommersant" .

On Sunday, the Syrian military command issued a communique stating that Syrian troops continue to maintain the cease-fire during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, but "respond to militant attacks that violate the second consecutive day truce."

Recall that in the first day of the ceasefire declared by the Syrian authorities on the occasion of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, the explosion of a car bomb in Damascus killed 47 people.

The explosion occurred near the Mosque of Omar Ibn Khattab. Most of the dead and injured - children playing in the streets during the Muslim holidays. Everything, according to human rights activists in Syria on Friday, killing 146 people.

On Saturday, the Syrian authorities have reported that government forces continue to adhere to the cease-fire during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, but "respond to militant attacks that violate the second consecutive day truce."

On Wednesday, the UN Security Council backed the call for a truce by UN envoy in Syria Brahimi . The corresponding statement was initiated by Russia.

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