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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Russian Fleet asserts so-called "gunboat diplomacy" in Syrian coastal waters

The largest tactical group of Russian Navy was gathered just outside Syrian port of Tartus, with a few
Marine Corps regiments on board, as reported with reference to the sources close to the Syrian President.
The task of the Russian military's so-called "gunboat diplomacy" - to prevent the slightest possibility of military intervention in Syria. Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Mediterranean squad was assembled of the warships from three Russian fleets. According to the press service of the ministry, the squad is "grouping ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets run for combat training missions in the Mediterranean, in collaboration with a group of warships of the Black Sea Fleet."

As part of the Mediterranean Sea towards the group, reportedly includes large landing ships (LST) "Nicholas Filchenkov", "Caesar Kunikov", "Alexander Otrakovsky", "St. George" and "Kondopoga." The structure of the consolidated squadron also comprised of corvets "Smetliviy" and "Yaroslav the Wise", frigate "Admiral Chabanenko", supply vessels "Nicholas Chiker", "Sergey Osipov," tanker "Lena" and salvage tugs tow "Shakhtar" and SB- 5.
"It's - a landmark event - said the expert portal" Eurasia "Natalia Makeev. - As it is hard to believe, but the Russian government has made ​​the right choice - instead of his usual half-hearted, open positions decided to defend Syria. This is - to call "world arbitrator" and that - not just a matter of reciprocity. Because, toppling Assad, the aggressor will not stop, as he did not stop after the death of Gaddafi. Iran will be next, and what will happen next, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, likely also understands. "

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