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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Iran sending 15000 elite troops to Syria to counter foreign intervention

Syria has asked Iran to send 15,000 troops special forces to assist in maintaining order in the key Syrian towns. February 10, 2012, Iranian troops were sent to Syria. Iranian fighters will be assisted by regular Syrian troops to suppress what  official Damascus names as the terrorist groups.

Thus, we conclude that the situation in Syria is becoming critical, and the escalation of the conflict threatens to turn into a full-scale conflict involving several nations. Note that today it was announced that the Syrian Aleppo two powerful explosions thundered, according. The development became particularly worrisome since this will be a first combat engagement of Iranian troops with British special forces in modern history. The move is smart because it allows Syrian president to wash off his hands from the violence, and the civil war can be avoided.

The information appeared on a backdrop of reports that the British Special Forces and Special Forces of Qatar are actively participating in logistics and training of the terrorists on Syrian ground. The western media continue to insist that these are the freedom fighters, but whom do they kidding. Foreign troops reportedly will serve as instructors, and take part in the direct combat with the Syrian forces.

The development will lead to further internationalization of the conflict, an it is very much different from the conflict in Libya. Contrary to Gaddafy, Assad has many friends and support of his people, and can hire qualified help elsewhere.

The source of this material is in Russian, and can be found here:

The presidents of Syria and Iran.  Photo

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