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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shipwreck Coast, identified two other bodies Salvi Purser and Korean couple

The total has been risen to five victims, while the rescuers are racing against time in search for the missing. Tirelessly searches the huge hull of the Costa Concordia sunk byal Giglio islandUnharmed the Asian couple. New sounds from the hull. The prosecutor: "We fear more victims." Found the "black box". "Stop the captain: "He could get away"

THE ISLAND OF AL GIGLIO - After having a relief of saving a Korean couple, the drama and pain are high again.. During inspections, the Costa Concordia, were found two other dead bodies. These two men, the elderly, found in a booth wearing lifejackets. The discovery, in the submerged part of the stern, was made ​​by divers of the Coast Guard. This brings to five the number of victims of the sinking of the cruise ship to the island of Giglio, while that of the missing drops to 15. It 'being a real race against time to search for the missing, while the controversy raged 1 fordecided by the maneuver commander 2 , and for relief.The day brought a hope on the Costa Concordia folded in front of the island after the shipwreck 3 . After the 2 Koreans last night was also saved the chief purser Marrico Giampetroni 4 . The man was found on deck 3 wounded in leg. The officer has been charged directly from the ship on a helicopter with a winch and will be transported to the hospital of Grosseto: "I always hoped for salvation, I lived a 36-hour nightmare." Rescuers do not stop because they feel new noise coming from the hull. FLOODED THE PHOTOS OF CONCORDIA 5 So we continue to seek, with the nightmare of those 15 names (9 passengers and 6 crew members) that are missing at ' appeal. Today there are 2 Japanese tourists who were found yesterday after the wreck, had gone to Rome with its own resources without being subjected to procedures for inventory and identification of the survivors. In the inspection shall also be doing a comparison between the list of names and their respective assignments of the cabins, with respect to the alleged missing of which we have known at this time. "I found are dead for now three, two French tourists and a Peruvian crew member, but we have serious suspicions for another five or six people," said the chief prosecutor Francesco di Grosseto Verus. "The hope of finding someone alive is - says the commander of the Coast Guard, Cosimo Nicastro from the island of Giglio in Tgcom24 -. This morning a team of divers dived to inspect the rear of the ship. Divers have smashed a window and entered the dining room. In submerged part less chance of finding survivors, although it is not to exclude the presence of air bubbles. The situation on board is difficult, curtains and carpet float becoming hazardous for our operators. " Race against time, they said. Why, Nicastro confirmed, "there is a risk that the ship sinking to 70 meters." There are also fearspollution 6 . Inside the tanks of the ship there are 2,380 tons of diesel fuel. Now the primary mission is to defuse this bomb. "There is the priority of saving human lives, but we turned the other night we were having in mind the nightmare of the loss of 2300 tonnes of heavy fuel oil," he tells SkyTG24 environment minister Corrado Clini, that tomorrow afternoon held a summit in the prefecture in Livorno with the Tuscany Region, local authorities, Civil Defence, National Institute of Health, Ispra, Core Operating Ecological Carabinieri, the Body of Harbour Coast Guard and Coast Guard Department of the Marine Environment. "A dense gas could definitely affect the seabed but also aquatic fauna. The recent disaster occurred in New Zealand has had much less than we would in this case. The disaster therefore must be avoided." Koreans saved. It ' the same sequence - noise, firefighters advancing the enormous hull - a few hours ago, in the night, made ​​it possible to achieve a Korean married couple on their honeymoon and save them. It was their first cruise and were boarded yesterday in Civitavecchia. Was required to extract an hour and a half of work. Their names are Jim Jeong Hye and Han Kideok, both 83. When I got off the island of Giglio after saving the faces had tried, but they were quiet. Firefighters told: "We have scoured the ship, starting from the bridge 6, controlling cabin cabin. Arrived at the stern, we have called, hoping that someone would respond to a below-decks. And so it was." "We heard your noise - have told the rescuers - but we could not make us feel. Then finally you found us." Later, in a hotel of Parioli in Rome, the two say: "We did not hear any alarm, we have only seen one person that has entered our cabin trying to explain something in Italian."PHOTOS 7 Fear of closed cabins . And the research continues. Divers inspect the cabin to cabin and specialists. The great fear is that when the parties are on the Costa Concordia will black out the electronic locks are locked doors of the cabins, which are opened with a badge, and it is possible - it is assumed - that someone has been locked in for that too without being able to to escape. And now it has been possible to inspect only the part of the vessel remained above water. I helped. At the time in the province of Grosseto are about 800 surviving the sinking of which are still housed in hotels and collection centers and expect that the company navigator to help them to return to the city of origin. The investigation. "The ship Costa Concordia, was only 150 meters from the shore. An incredibly close distance. We are also making inquiries to establish it with satellite precision. The ship's captain could not approach it both the island of Giglio, so it was inevitable that this rock, if you get under the ship. " And 'This is the accusation of the chief prosecutor of Grosseto, Francis Verus, who added: "This rock has sliced ​​the side of the ship, which was tilted to one side." The question of the approach to the cruise ship ' Giglio to allow tourists to the greetings of the people 8 , "we are making inquiries into this circumstance, we are checking," he continued, the chief prosecutor, who confirmed that the captain Francesco Schettino "was definitely not the last to leave the ship. " The commander has been arrested 9 last night to abandon ship, multiple wrongful death and disaster. At the base of the firm, there is the danger of leakage and possible contamination of evidence. In the meantime it was found the 'black box' of the ship. Inside there are recorded the tracks of the ships route. The examination will be completed in a couple of days but, as the prosecutor verus, already reveals a difference of one hour between 21.45 and the impact to alert the Coast Guard of about 22.43. The defense of the commander . Entrusting his words Leporatti lawyer Bruno, the captain Francesco Schettino know it to be dismayed, but defends his actions. Schettino would route to the coast to avoid sinking into the sea. "It 'was an emergency operation - the lawyer says Bruno Leporatti - so much closer to the coast was the only way to prevent the ship sinking at sea." "I do not agree with the approach of the prosecution - said Leporatti - expect to read the acts of the prosecutor and the magistrate fixed the interrogation guarantee my client expresses his condolences to the victims but would also like to defend the correctness of its operation. My client is distraught and dismayed. " Reactions.  "It 'clear that it was a big human error, mistakes that unfortunately sometimes they do. And in this case has had dramatic consequences - Giampaolo says Defence Minister Paola - Ships of this size can not pass so close to a coast "

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