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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Russians seriously consider that American installation on the Pacific atoll of Kwajalein shut down their space probe

An unnamed source in the space industry told the newspaper "Kommersant" that the "Phobos-Grunt" could be within range of a U.S. radar base on the Pacific atoll of Kwajalein, which at the time tracked the trajectory of one of the asteroids. The impact of a powerful radio pulse in this release could lead to faulty electronics, because of what the probe did not include the march propulsion and not passed to the trajectory of flight to Mars.
The official representative of the U.S. Air Force Strategic Command, Major Loren Boyce refused to comment on the incident with "Phobos." Representative of the command of aerospace defense of North America Lt. Chris Lordeyn reported that the operation of radar, located at the test area the name of Reagan, is a state secret and comment on any developments related to their work, can only senior management. The press service of the U.S. White House announced that is preparing a detailed letter with management response to the incident with "Phobos."
In Roskosmos also not comment on the situation to take stock of the official results of the commission.
According to "Kommersant" , the experiment should take place before the committee meeting at the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) on Friday, which will be discussed again is not excluded options.
"Now in the Lavochkin (developer of the probe) is almost built a test stand, - said the source publications in the space industry, - it will install a set of electronics, a similar set to" Phobos, "which presumably could suffer. After her subjected to the maximum possible level of radiation, similar to the radiation from the radar line of sight in which the station was. "
According to him, the radiation power will be gradually increased, and the test itself will last or until the maximum output power or to manifestation of failure in electronics. In this case, which of the five stations on behalf of the Reagan test site could affect the electronic stuffing "Phobos", to clarify refused.

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