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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The question is where Iranian warheads will fall

I found interesting discussion on Wall Street Journal, actually Poles sincerely think that they will be the shooters not the victims of altercation:

“We don’t think nuclear weapons will be used in Europe”- you better do, Iranian warheads will be nuclear, and they will fall in Europe. It is either Russia, Ukraine or Poland where they will fall, depends on variations in route. It ain’t be Russia, because they will let it through for Americans to deal later, Ukraine is a hostage, and Polish are as usual- stuck in the middle for unknown cause."

Apparently Americans follow Hitler in their planning strategy: Eastern Slavs are the low breed and can be sacrificed for the Good of Great Germany (US).

In other news, outgoing Russian representative in NATO Dmitrij Rogozin (or the hell who he is) planted two  cottonwood trees (topol in Russian) on headquarters territory: he called them "Topol" and "Topol-M", after Russians ICBMs.

Тополь-МДмитрий Рогозин посадил в Брюсселе тополя, поснив, что им в НАТО самое место

The picture is black and white because he did this heinous act under cover of dark.

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