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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

‘Obama misinterpreted his mandate’

I am at all surprised that American red-necks haven't voted him down. He is all what American way of life isn't- he is black but he cannot shoot hoops; dubiously eligible for presidency (birth certificate was issued years later after the fact and out of sequence);  he will rise taxes,eventually; and makes beer and sigs more expensive. Beside he is ending a traditional American safari in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Afghanistan- on very humiliating terms.  Without going places and shooting somebody for the sake of democracy,- how the American middle family will get by?
Just think about: 1.5 millions of Americans made through the war recent years- they don't know to do anything else. You cannot put all these fellas back on a street.

I doubt he will make a second term. It is better a Mormon than him.

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