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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The German authorities want to "squeeze" Greece out of the eurozone

According to some representatives of the German political elite, the Greek authorities have no possibility to fulfill all conditions of the launch of the second program of financial assistance. This will lead to the fact that Athens was not able to get another batch of medicine and eventually will be required to declare a default.Today in Germany called meeting of the party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), led by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. But instead of discussing the internal problems facing the German economy, party members are discussing the Greek question. Concern of the authorities due to the fact that the Greeks are still unable to agree terms with the private sector share of debt obligations into smaller dickontom for debt relief. According to the Ministry of Finance of Greece , a country may require additional financial contributions from European countries, in order to prevent the default of the national economy. Treasury believes that if 100% of the private sector, with whom negotiations are under way, will not sign agreement on exchange of debt securities, means the second program of assistance may simply not be enough. In this situation, the participants will have to give Athens the eurozone more money, of course, if they do not want to default the problem of a European state.According to experts, while the proportion of consonants cancel the debts of Greece in exchange for a "crippled" and the paper does not exceed 75%. Therefore, many experts believe that Europe and so spends a lot of money and effort on something to keep the troubled country and does not give debt crisis spiral out of control. As a consequence of growing consensus that the output of the currency unit of the weakest participants could provide stability in the region. German politicians also believe that the Greeks did not make the most of what the country has agreed with the troika of international lenders (EU / ECB / IMF) starts, yet the first program in the spring of 2010 , "We started to save Greece, not because feel sympathy to this country. This is not the case. We had to run a program of assistance, mainly due to the fact that a default of this country could lead to huge shocks throughout the financial system "- believe in the CDU. Nevertheless, Merkel herself has repeatedly announced her intention to European leaders to do everything necessary to protect the integrity of the currency bloc. At a recent meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, January 9, 2012 Federal Chancellor has once again underlined that Germany will continue to follow with the plan Eurozone protection. Nevertheless, Merkel and Sarkozy made ​​it clear that while Athens is not completely settle the second aid package of new tranches of the country does not get it.

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