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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The death toll rises to 11 victims of the sinking. Prosecutor asked for the captain's arrest

The investigating judge will decide also on the validation of the incarcerationBesides the investigation of the Prosecutor of the Republic of Grosseto, two other administrative investigations. The chief prosecutor of Grosseto: "The order to abandon ship arrived an hour and 16 minutes after impact."

ISOLA DEL GIGLIO  - The death toll rises up to 11 in the tragedy of the Costa Concordia: five dead bodies have been identified by the Coast Guard divers on board the wreck. There are four men and one woman aged between 50 and 60 years: the bodies were submerged at the stern, and all wearing life vests. Today, the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, was questioned. "The reconstruction provided by the commander did not affect the prosecution," said the chief prosecutor Francesco di Grosseto Verus, who has called for the arrest. The magistrate reserves now decide, even on the validation of the arrest. Investigators, Schettino has confirmed that he was in command at the time of the accident, but had not jumped ship. And 'tried but appeared calm, convinced he had done everything possible. But evidence gathered by the different and the phone call with the Coast Guard 1 of Livorno, its position is getting worse. And they were willing to see if toxicology tests have taken drugs the night of the sinking. AUDIO1  2 AUDIO2 3 AUDIO3 4 And on board there would be a mutiny of the crew 5 , assistance to start, bypassing the de facto captain. The interrogation .Schettino has answered questions from the magistrate 6Grosseto Valeria Montesarchio for over four hours giving his reconstruction of the sinking of the Costa Concordia."He claimed his role in the direction of the maneuver the ship after the collision which produced the result of saving thousands of lives," said the lawyer of the commander of the Concord, Bruno Leporatti. It was defended from the charge of leaving the ship. At the conclusion of the interrogation, the prosecutor asked the court to validate the arrest. On the application of safeguard measures, Montesarchio reserved the right to decide as well as on the validation of the catch.  The wreck. Suspended in the night, the search for the missing 7 of the sinking are taken early in the morning and try to tighten the timings, men of the Navy used explosives to open the gates microbursts on the keel and be able to access more quickly to the submerged parts of the ship. For the first time last night has not worked on the wreck: the slight movements of the hull led rescuers reported yesterday to stop the search at night. It is feared that the Costa Concordia will sink, which would cause an environmental disaster 8 of incalculable proportions. It is setting up a belt anti-pollution around the perimeter of the ship is 900 meters offshore barriers of which 300 have already been placed and the other being set up by today. The wreck, divers entered the gates opened this morning, with the stretchers. Investigations. Investigations on the shipwrecked off the island of Giglio are three, as revealed by the commanding general of the Harbor Marco Brusco guest at Door to Door . The first of three strands is "the prosecutor's office" and that's where you Penal detained the ship's captain Francesco Schettino, accused of multiple manslaughter, disaster and abandonment of the ship faces up to 15 years in prison .The prosecutor was concerned that could leave the country. Only other suspect is actually the first officer on the bridge, Ciro Ambrosio. It 'going to court in Grosseto interrogation warranty of Schettino and the magistrate will decide whether to validate or not the firm. The second strand is "administrative causes, with a commission of inquiry in the direction of sea" that then provide "the results to the Ministry of Infrastructure. " The last thread was "wanted by the Minister Passera, the causes and dynamics" which "will also serve European Maritime Agency to see if you should change the law." "It must not happen again" . The tragedy of Concord has become the occasion for new rules, it is stressed by many. "It should not happen anymore," said Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Transport, Guido Improta, Giglio Island today for a meeting with the leaders who are managing the emergency. Improta announced closer monitoring of the routes to avoid "unacceptable behavior and crazy as those that have focused on the tragedy that happened at Concordia." Improta also went to the hospital to find the officer of Grosseto hero, Manrico Giampedroni. incident has also expressed the Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Corrado Passera: it was "a tragic case of sensational human error, at least not to comply with policies and rules, "he said in the Senate Public Works Committee, giving its readiness to hearing on the matter.After a minute of silence dedicated to the victims of the Giglio, President of the Senate Renato Schifani is it is hoped that not happen again "tragedies like these, born of petty reasons."  Reconstruction. The evidence makes the position of captain, Francesco Schettino, more and more difficult. As reconstructed from the surveys, it appears that the impact occurred at 21.42 and the order to abandon ship was given shortly before 23 (at 22:58).To specify the time of the disaster, is the chief prosecutor of Grosseto, Francis Verus. verus recalled that Schettino was author of "a maneuver that could not and should not be done" and stressed the risk of "tampering with evidence and possible escape liability because its load are important. " According to the investigation papers, Verus goes on, "that the captain was on the dashboard on impact and made ​​a move to shore approach too risky , in an area where there are steep but reported depths on nautical charts. " Confirmed other details have emerged in recent days, as abandonment of the ship when there were several passengers from evacuating. The missing. In the morning, before the discovery of five bodies in the stern of the wreck, 29 were missing: she had informed the Prefect of Grosseto, Joseph Linardi. The nationalities were released from the crisis: it is six Italians, 14 Germans, 4 French, one Hungarian, two Americans, an Indian and a Peruvian. Of these four are members of the crew: an Italian and the citizens of India, Hungary and Peru.The crisis unit of the German Foreign Ministry said today that the missing are 12 Germans at the time, but those in charge of the ministry are still trying to track down some people are currently unaccounted for, whose number was not specified. German nationality is also the sixth victim, recovered yesterday from the wreck of the Coast. The budget has long been uncertain this morning, the prosecutor of Grosseto Verus had assumed a greater number, than the figures yesterday. Radio I said, "about 15-20 missing is a number small enough." What is certain is that early identification operations, at a time so agitated as the sinking of the ship, are necessarily inaccurate. "Six of them are Italians," says Linardi. More difficult to take stock of foreigners, many who were on board the Costa Concordia. "The four thousand people who were on the ship - said Linardi - were not in possession of identity document for which the names were taken directly ask the people, with errors that are inevitable."

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